Boho Bag - Megan

$65 $89

Material: PU Leather
Measurements:  26cm // 23cm // 4cm

If you usually have extra stuff to carry around and you’re looking for a bag to do it in comfort and style, our handbag will do the job for you. 


  • 100% handmade products with the highest quality possible.
  • Best prices around: Considering our cheaper but a more effective online-based model of business, we charge less for our products.
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At Vatiro, our greatest pride lies in encouraging top Indonesia’s artisans to excel at what they know how to do best.  We believe that their excellent designs deserve further and better exposure than they get on the streets of Bali. We also feel that the creative minds behind them deserve adequate rewards and recognition for their creativity.  We find happiness in knowing that our work is empowering Balinese artisans to do more with their talents and crafts while linking them with buyers who find their incredible works magical. 

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