Material: Ata Grass and Leather 
Measurements: 7,5" x 2 7/8" (diameter 7,5") // 19 cm x 7,5 cm (diameter 19 cm)

Are you looking to appear stunning without losing that bohemian touch?  Look no further than this round-shaped Ata bag.  Apart from the fact that you can easily team it with multiple outfits, the ample space is great for keeping all your essentials without the slightest problem.  The colorful blue-shade lining is complemented with a brown leather bag and a bow closure that guarantees the safety of your items. 

The story behind each of this handmade bag is unique, as evident in the creation process that includes drying on a coconut fire to get its eventual color.  We are indeed grateful for finding this beautiful bag worthy of purchase; this is a massive boost to the work of local Indonesian artists creating these bags. 

Considering that this bag is 100% hand-woven, there may be variations in sizes and the interior color.  Hence, ensure that state your preference clearly in your email.