Material: Ata Grass and Leather 
7 7/8" x 3 1/2" x 6 3/16" // 20cm x 9cm x 16cm
Strap drop: 22,5" // 57cm

This gorgeous rattan bag is a classic. The meticulous handiwork of dedicated Balinese artisans results in a perfectly even weave that exudes quality. Every feature is carefully considered and perfectly executed, making for a stunning final product. The body is weaved from only the highest-quality rattan, while the straps are made of real leather. To top it all off, a colorful, intricately patterned inner lining makes for a fun contrast each time you open the bag. Lightweight and durable, this bag will soon be the first thing you reach for when you go out.


The final color is a result of careful hand weaving and drying on a coconut fire.  We are indeed grateful for finding this beautiful bag worthy of purchase; this is a huge boost to the work of local Indonesian artists creating these bags.