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Vatiro is brand premised on freedom, positivity, and creativity.  We believe that every woman in the world deserves the best, fashion-wise and in appearance.  We offer excellent hand-woven bags, all of which are locally made from the highest quality natural materials and traditional methods.  Bali is a hub of creativity and a source of great art items that guarantee the safety and freedom of every woman out there.


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Hence, we are committed to encouraging these creative minds even to do more with their crafts.  At Vatiro, we have always believed that these exquisite designs deserve more exposure and recognition than they get on the streets of Bali. Furthermore, we are convinced that the creative minds behind them deserve adequate rewards and recognition for their creativity. 
We find happiness in knowing that our work is empowering Balinese artisans to do more with their talents and crafts while linking them with buyers who find their incredible works magical.