Bohemian style has taken over the world of fashion. Clothing that was once labeled for outcasts, revolutionists, and nonconformist are now in the mainstream media worn by celebrities. Music festivals house laidback people in flowy dresses, leather boots, boho bags, and flower crowns. They all dress like Bohemians, but being a true free spirit takes more than the façade. It’s all about the boho soul. You may be captivated with the chill chic of the boho clothing or the comfortable coolness modern bohos seem to evoke.

These five signs will tell you if you’re just fascinated with the fashion or you’re a true Bohemian in bloom.

1. You’re into the arts.

You could be an artist, a writer, a musician, a traveler, or any other type of creative. You see art in everything and being able to follow through with this passion is the bohemian way. You do what you love and in turn risk a comfortable way of living. Or you may be living comfortably outside the nine-to-five box, simply with all the basics, not much material, but all for essence. You live for your art and you want to keep doing it for the rest of your life because it gives you a kind of joy that money can’t buy.


2. You question the conventional.

As a student, you’ve bent or broken some rules, not merely for being a rebel, but because you question succumbing to authority. You know a lot about different belief systems, structured religions, and political views. As an adult, you were never a follower, and if ever you are, you follow lifestyles that are unconventional. The kind that has freedom within reason. You ask yourself of the motive, value, and purpose of things before you make it a part of your life.


3. You express yourself!

It is important for you to be able to express yourself in every form and aspect of your life. You showcase your beliefs through your home décor and the way you dress. You mold your lifestyle into who you choose to be. When it comes to clothing, you mix and match different patterns, colors, fabrics, and materials in an artistic way. This can be seem in your laidback clothing, boho bags, fringe purse, accessories, hats, scarves, boots, dresses, jackets, and loose pants.


4. You love nature.

Bohemians have a profound respect for nature. It can be seen in the patterns of their clothes or in some elements of their boho bags or home décor, but that’s just scratching the surface. If you care about the environment, appreciate the power of plants and animals, and is simply enamored by their beauty, nature has a deep effect on you. Because of this admiration, you might be a vegetarian, a vegan, or you could have your own organic farm.

5. You live in the moment.

You’re often optimistic. You don’t put yourself in stressful happenings or worry too much about the future. When there’s dilemma, you usually solve in calmly. You see beauty in everything and respect other living beings. You live in the present moment and is thankful of what you have now.

A woman in a maxi dress with a felt hat and leather boho bag could be a bohemian from the outside, but you know now how much more it takes within. Do you see yourself as a Bohemian?