Family Dog Withholds Baby, Then Mom Sees Surprising Reason Why

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Bringing a dog into a family can encourage closer bonds and unconditional love and companionship. This is exactly what the Svilicic family were looking for, and they intended to rescue a dog from their local shelter. Giving a rescue dog a home is an incredible act of kindness and compassion, taking in an animal who may have come from a background filled with neglect and abuse and showing it the love, respect and care it desires.

Although many people admire the concept of saving a dog’s life by adopting it, some believe that it is a liability to bring home a rescue dog. There has been a stigma against shelter dogs in recent years that they possess behavioral and temperament issues. This is simply untrue and the dogs just want to be loved and given a warm home.

However, there are in fact certain breeds of dogs which are notorious for presenting negative behavioral patterns which can’t be ignored. In particular, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and Dobermans are considered to be dangerous dogs and for this reason, are often left in dog shelters to be put down as no one wants them.

This is exactly the fate that was intended for the Svilicic’s dog Khan. The large Doberman had undergone an abusive background so was taken in by the shelter. Despite the workers warning Catherine of this, she took their comments on board, but it didn’t deter her from bringing him home as their new addition.

The first couple of days were going well with Khan, and the family made sure to show him, love. They thought they were doing everything right until the fourth day when he was playing with 17-month-old baby Charlotte in the backyard. The next disturbing events which unfolded left Catherine aghast and after running over to her baby girl, something happened which no one saw coming.

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